v1.1 Changelog: First (& last) big content update

Thank you for purchasing or playing the full release of Sparrow Solitaire! The launch went smoothly, and since then we’ve only found one crash and a few minor bugs. That would have been enough for a patch, but as we aren’t planning on further updates, we wanted to cram as much as we could into v1.1. So enjoy this rather large content update!

Check out the Twitter thread for lots of animated GIFs of v1.1


  • A music screensaver mode! Activate from the options menu or by docking the Playdate
  • Dynamic weather effects
  • Three new tileset designs! Ancient Greek, Geometric, and Nature
  • Sound effects for opening the options menu and for deleting tiles in the editor
  • CURSOR: The world’s most advanced mahjong solitaire cursor just got even better:
    • Can now press B button while holding a direction to jump to the closest free tile in that direction (This is a handy shortcut for the default Crank setting: “jump to free tiles”)
    • Can now press A while holding a direction to buffer the tile selection input; charging the cursor this way means tile selection will activate as soon as the cursor passes a selectable tile
  • Support for auto-clear on Shisen-sho layouts
  • Two new full-size Shisen-sho layouts
  • OPTIONS: Individual volume controls for music and sound effects
  • OPTIONS: “Extend music loops” option to loop the music an additional time in autoplay mode
  • LAYOUT SELECT: Mini pie charts on each section header to visualize completion percent per layout category
  • LAYOUT SELECT: New confetti effect for solving every layout in a category
  • LAYOUT SELECT: “page” button prompt on layout select to indicate Left/Right can be used to jump
  • STATS: Total score (sum of best across all played layouts) to All-time stats screen
  • STATS: Knotwords-style streak recovery for Daily Layout (When you lose your best streak, you can recover it by reaching a new streak of 7 higher)


  • Reduced initial game loading time by 1300ms or more
  • Layout select background branch blossom is now animated
  • Layout name is now shown on the Daily Layout screen
  • Replaced “abstract/Hurdles” layout with “abstract/Hollow” (there was already an identical “Hurdles” layout in Shisen-sho)
  • Adjusted Shisen-sho scoring to be based on the individual layer sizes, rather than the entire layout size
  • Fixed-deal layouts (the tutorial ones) no longer contribute to total wins or plays (stats are still recorded on the layout basis)
  • Rebalanced and normalized volume of all sound effects and music
  • Improved quality of music tracks
  • Increased the number of tiles removed required to count as a play from 2 to 4
  • Re-dithered most bird sprites
  • Changed default music autoplay mode to “sequence”


  • Fix crash when only one song is favorited and shuffle mode is on
  • Fix “average time” displaying as “average clear time”
  • 2P mode: Fix first player’s extra turn not being corrected for in some situations
  • Fix not being able to replay the layout that was the Daily once the Daily has been solved
  • Fix text box width on first tutorial screen (causing “and” to become “an”)
  • Fix the general wonkiness of Shisen-sho Rivers lines
  • Fix shake to shuffle indicator appearing on tutorial layout iii. failed state
  • Fix timer not starting when pressing options menu during a tile deal
  • Fix rare crash that could occur if you un-registered loaded user_assets/ there were marked as favorites
  • Fix issue where layout editor tile count would disappear if using the “time indicator” option
  • Fix cursor wrapping not stopping during fast-move on smaller than max layouts
  • Fix always-on zoom activating during initial load transition
  • Fix issue where layout select and gameplay music could be playing at same time
  • Fix rare issue where cursor could be frozen and un-moveable until exiting the layout


Sparrow Solitaire v1.1 12 MB
Apr 21, 2023
Sparrow Solitaire Demo v1.1 4 MB
Apr 21, 2023

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Genuinely astonished at the volume of content and options you've crammed into this. Absolutely the best Mahjong Solitaire game I've played on any platform, ever. 

(I would honestly love to see a version of this ported to non-Playdate platforms someday!)

(1 edit)

Thanks so much for the kinds words. A port is on our mind… but maybe after a break!?!