Entering the final stretch

Hello! Sorry about the extended silence on development progress. Matt and I have had several life things slow us down, but work on the full release is going well. We’ve been tracking and implementing all of the feedback sent to us from players both here and in the Playdate Squad Discord. But as we enter our final stretch of development, we wanted to ask for any final suggestions you’d like to see in the game.

As an example: Maybe you have a favorite layout from a past mahjong solitaire game that you’d like to see added as built-in level? Or an idea for a tileset design or option?

Leave a comment with your ideas, and depending on time and if we think they make sense, we will implement them (if they aren’t already planned)! Thank you, and we are looking forward to sharing more news with you soon!

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another idea, sorry I’m responding so much 😁 I’ve played with all the options randomized and love how much variety there is between the music, tiles and backgrounds! However, I definitely have found my favorites - it would be awesome if you could toggle a list of elements for the randomization, so that you only saw your favorites (for example: shuffle between alphanumeric, sports, and zen tiles, shuffle between turtle, arena, and moai layouts, etc for music and backgrounds). 

Again, thanks for making such an awesome game! I play a lot and have all the different console platforms but these past two weeks I’ve definitely played your game more than anything else! 😄 

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No problem! Thank you for the continued support and all the great suggestions. We are taking note of your ideas, but won’t be able to implement all of them before the final release. Being able to “favorite” certain styles would be cool, but also would be a considerable interface challenge given how our current Options menu works. Maybe as post-launch content though!

Ok never mind my earlier comment, we managed to implement all your suggestions 😄. Hope you enjoy the full version, out later today!


had another idea - it could be cool if there was a prompt that comes up once all the tiles are unblocked asking if you want to auto-match the remaining tiles. Don’t know if it’s easy to implement, but it would be a satisfying finish to an all clear 😄 The more I play the game the more I love it and can’t wait for the final version! =] 

also, if there is a way to make it more clear how many layers deep a stack is - that would be incredible! Sometimes I think there’s a tile underneath only to realize it was the bottom tile, or think that the stack is 2 tiles tall when in fact it’s 3 tiles tall 


You can count the dots in the bottom right of a stack of tiles, I designed this feature into the rules.

Of course this can’t be done everywhere, but it may help.

this might be too late to implement as a feature, but being able to use the crank to rewind moves would be awesome! Fantastic game - can’t wait for the full release and the ability to make only solvable layouts 🙌 


Thank you for the kind words and the suggestions! There’s a little time left and a crank to rewind feature could be cool. Maybe I’ll get around to it. Early on I decided to only implement one stage of undo history (instead of endless), since it can definitely be over-used to peak at all the tiles and cheat a little bit.

Showing the current layer height is actually a feature we already have in the level editor that’s coming in the full release. The height is shown as a small number on the cursor. I’ll see if I can enable it as an option for the main gameplay mode.