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Welcome to the strange seaside town of Featherston, where fish are falling from the sky. You play as a hungry penguin who ate the town's only fishing rod, and now must use it to support their rapid growth. Try to collect all the fish while surviving to get a new high score in this arcade fishing mashup inspired by Bird & Beans. 


  • Two play modes: Classic and Advanced
  • Optional but intuitive crank controls
  • 16 unique fish to catch
  • High score tracking 
  • 30 FPS on device (most of the time)

Gameplay tips

  • Classic mode: Use your fishing rod tongue to catch fish early for more points! Use the A button or crank to cast the line.
    • A button controls require better timing but are quicker to use
    • Crank controls are more precise but can be slower to use
      • Rotate the crank clockwise (forward) to cast from the vertical position.
      • Each time the crank is reset to the vertical position, the line can be cast again.
  • Advanced mode: control a vacuum tank and suck in multiple fish at once for more points. You have six uses before your battery needs to charge, which happens as you move or score 3+ combos.
    • Use the crank to aim and the up button to suck.
    • Alternatively, dock the crank and use or up to use the vacuum at a fixed 45 degree angle.
  • Not all fish require skillful play to catch! You always have the chance to see a rare fish appear at a lower score threshold than normal.

Leaderboards & Feedback

Submit your high scores or any feedback you have for me on the Google form here

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You can leave a rating in the top right of this game page (on mobile you might need to view the desktop site). Look for the transparent black button.


Programming and design: Mac Vogelsang
Music: royalty free (by Hupple)
Sounds: royalty free from zapsplat.com
Misc. textures and assets: 1-bit textures by VectorPixelStar and building sprites by Rad Potato 

The game engine is adapted from my Bird & Beans port which can be found on here on Github.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPlaydate
Tags1-bit, Arcade, Fishing, High Score, minigames, Pixel Art, Playdate, Retro, Score Attack
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Will this be updated with a List View icon for Playdate OS 2.0?


I've played this game for what, 20 hours now?

I just hit a high score of ~31,000. I have one fish left to catch, which I think is a wiggly eel type thing. One fell in my last run but I wasn't in a position to catch it!

The best score chaser on the handheld, Season, Sideload or otherwise. 


Wow, I’m really happy to hear this! I’m in disbelief to have made a game that someone has to invested that much time in (wishing I put more detailed stats tracking in the game for you now). If you get a chance to leave a rating here, that would help out a lot too. Thank you for playing and enjoying!

Wow. Didn't expect the design of Pyoro was completely changed now. But anyway, this game looks fun, cute, and still has that Pyoro charm too. Looking forward to play this game when I have the time! And thanks for the credit too.

- Tailx 

"Yay"... It works again thank you for fixing it

This looks great! I loved the Pyoro mini-games, and this looks to really take that concept and expand.

You might want to make an update for the game. [After they updated "Playdate"] every time a fish lands on the ground it suddenly comes to a complete halt and crashes in the middle of the game. If you can fix it it would be great.   

(1 edit)

This was a regression in OS update 1.12.1, a new patch should be coming out shortly that fixes the issue for this game (and others having the same crash).

a really great time — excellent visuals, tight controls, crazy fast action.  not much more you could ask for from a high score game.

hope you get involved with season 2 (if that comes)!  this is as good as anything i’ve played on the system so far.

Hey thanks for the super kind words, it makes me happy to know I made something you enjoy! When you get the chance, I'd appreciate a rating too (top right of game page). I think it will help discoverability.

You got it — just rated it for you.  Thanks again!!


Huge fan of the B&B port but this is infinitely a better game and will be one I'll be keeping on my Playdate for some time. 

The environmental details, the movement and animation are flawless. It feels soo good to play. Even the fish lore is phenomenal and adds so much more to the gameplay loop. 

This is up there with some of my favorited Playdate games and tbh should be part of Season1/Season2 -- that's how great I view it. You took a concept and absolutely made it your own and should be super proud of this. I love it, love it, love it.

Wow, that's really high praise! I'm glad the game resonated with you so much. I also wish I could do online leaderboards, but your scores are pretty good so far and you can at least submit them on the form I made.